Teeth whitening Powder WHITEX® + Toothbrush bundle

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Bring Your confidence UP. + Dirt DemoX® toothbrush

Technologies went really far. To get the shining white teeth, you add our black medical grade activated charcoal. 100% natural. Feels like impossible? It is possible and works. Better than You imagine. 

  • Safe and easy to use;
  • Does not irritate your gums;
  • Keeps the bad breath away;
  • 100% natural; 
  • Detoxifies;
  • Immediate results;
  • Cleans stains from coffee or cigarettes;

Over the decades scientists have been trying to find the best way for shining white teeth. From very expensive laser projections to chemicals. Nothing was even close to this method. 
Given from the nature, it's 100% natural. Since it's natural- very easy to use. Dont waste Your time for long and very expensive occasions to dentist. 5 minutes and Your a step brighter, healthier and far more confident happier. 


5 simple steps to brighter future:

  1. Dip Your toothbrush into powder, tip off the excess;
  2. Brush Your teeth for 3 to 5 minutes;
  3. Spit out everything and rinse Your mouth few times;
  4. For best results- use our toothpaste;

Choose from four bundles available, and start shining with Your white as snow teeth NOW.


Safety requirements: do not swallow, do not use on damaged or bleeding gums, save from children, avoid direct sunlight to product. Avoid contact with eyes, in case it of it, wash with big amounts of water and visit hospital. We cannot ensure Your health if You use our product irregular and with no respect to rules of safety.